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Become a member and support local MTB riding

By joining BBMTB you are supporting local MTB riding and trails. You are also joining a growing group of people sharing their enthusiasm for MTB riding with others, be they current, new or future MTB riders.

BBMTB is affiliated with AusCycling, and memberships give you access to both AusCycling and BBMTB Club.  AusCycling membership gives you access to insurance and a range of member benefits.

AusCycling memberships range from 'Racing', which includes race licence and insurance, to 'Lifestyle' that is more cost effective for those that don't need race coverage. There is a lower cost 'Lifestyle Basic' that does not include personal accident insurance, which recognises that people with private health insurance are already covered.  There are also family membership and concessional options, as well as options to pay monthly, or to take advantage of a four week free trial.  Please visit AusCycling's memberships page for full descriptions of the membership variants.  

BBMTB receives $20 of your annual membership fee or $10 per concessional member.

If you are already a member of AusCycling, and another club, you can join BBMTB for just the club add-on cost. For more information see AusCycling's club add on page.  

You can join BBTMB through the AusCycling membership page, and select BBMTB once you have selected your AusCycling membership type.  

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