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Our Objectives

The objectives of the BBMTBC are to:

  • Advocate for and support local MTB trail development and maintenance

  • Support racing and MTB events in the Batemans Bay area

  • Develop MTB riding among the local community

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Our Vision

To see MTB riding as commonplace and widespread activity in the Batemans Bay community.

Alongside other south coast destinations, make Batemans Bay known far and wide as a premier MTB hub, with a vibrant MTB-oriented community of riders, businesses and organisations.

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Our Mission

To support the whole community - individuals, schools, businesses and organisations - engage with MTB riding by creating opportunities to ride, to connect and to develop MTB riding in the area.

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Our Principles and Values

  • It’s got to be fun. We keep the spirit of MTB riding in sight, by making sure we go riding.

  • Honesty and integrity. We build and value trust within the club and with those we deal with. We respect the trust that the members and our supporters place in us.

  • We are a club for the whole community. Our operations and events are inclusive and aim to broaden our reach.

  • We respect the land we ride on, the land managers and the traditional owners.

  • Our supporters are our partners, and we provide a benefit to each other.

  • Other clubs and other trails in our region are partners, not competitors. If they succeed we all succeed.

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